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new social media - google +1

Google +1 helps people discover relevant content. Adding the +1 button to
your pages lets users recommend your content. Their contacts and friends
will see their recommendation when it's most relevant; in a Google Search.

Content recommended by friends and acquaintances can be more relevant
than content from strangers. For instance, a movie review from an expert
is useful, but a movie review from a friend, who shares your tastes, is even
better. Because of this a Google +1 from friends or contacts can be a useful
signal to Google in determining the relevance of your web page to a search.
This is just one of many factors Google uses to determine a web page rank.

adding the google +1 button to your website

Adding a +1 button to your site is very easy: Click, then Copy and Paste  +1 code snippet

video: google +1 - google's answer to facebook

Google has joined the social media bandwagon by first introducing the +1 button - similar to
a Facebook "Like", and now it is introducing its own social media networking page. Available
in a testing phase currently, to iron out any bugs, but soon to be rolled out to all.

To find out more about the new Google +1 social media page check out Google +1 video

create a facebook like badge for your website

Create a Facebook "Like Badge" for your page: Click, Copy and Paste Create Like Badge




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