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web design case study 16.

970 lonely bay lodge whitianga coromandel new zealand web design

Web Design

Case Study / april 2010
970 Lonely Bay Lodge New Zealand

AMG WEB DESIGN was commissioned to photograph, design and develop a website for a newly renovated luxury lodge - designed to be turned into a boutique accommodation and wedding venue in late 2010.

We spent three days at the 970 Lonely Bay Lodge getting to know our client, photographing her beautiful spacious contemporary home and developing an accommodation web design and marketing strategy.

The logo was influenced by the brass number on the gate, as our client's initial instinct was to call the lodge simply 970. We registered several search engine friendly domain names to counter the competition in the Whitianga and Cooks Beach New Zealand luxury accommodation market.
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Affordable Web Hosting

AMG hosted the new website on a reliable, yet affordable state of the art server in Auckland New Zealand. After online research we registered search engine friendly domains to help with online ranking and optimized all website pages. The website has yet to be marketed online to help rank a new domain name on Google in a highly competitive market, however it has already managed to achieve top Google rank for 'luxury accommodation cooks beach' and 'luxury lodge whitianga'.

"Thank you for all your hard work ...

"Thank you for all the effort you have put into this project for me. I am very impressed with the amount of information you have discovered. Thank you for the rearranged photographs as well. I think they’re looking beautiful. I’m so grateful for all your knowledge re bookings policy and tariffs and all the rest of it: I would not have had a clue." - Jane Hunter, 970 Lonely Bay Cooks Beach New Zealand


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