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Auckland Custom Web Design

Our goal is simple - to create a unique web design that's tailored to your needs - a web design that is functional, looks great, is fast loading, top ranking and very affordable... A web design that provides a tangible ROI (return on investment) - a great custom web design that works!

Why choose AMG Web Design?

We use our graphic design skills, photography skills and web design coding skills to create a custom web design that meets the latest web standards. All our websites are fully optimized to ensure your web design is not only visually appealing but has an excellent online web presence.

We can meet all your web design needs with - our web design skills, search engine copy-writing skills, optimization skills, online marketing skills and professional web design photography skills. We provide web hosting and domain names after online research and web analysis.

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Auckland Flash Web Design

We can design an animated web design using Flash web design coding or JavaScript and jQuery for a similar result. Flash web design gives the designer far more control over dynamic effects and animation, but is not nearly as search engine friendly and makes ranking more difficult against increased website competition.

XML Flash web design coding overcomes the search engine friendliness to a certain degree - search engines are able to read the website xml text, but html web design still has advantages over Flash web design and flash cannot be viewed on iPhones.

AMG Web Design Auckland has created many Flash web design sites and, with careful SEO optimization, has managed to achieve high ranking for our websites. If you want all the bells and whistles for greater visual impact, we advise using a mix of HTML web design with your flash animation, or XML Flash web design coding.

The following are examples of our Flash Web Design:

The Fireplace Restaurant New Zealand (2008)
Flash web design RTA Sports Design Sweden (2005)
Flash web design AMG Photographer Auckland (2009)

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