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web design + graphic design case study 17.

mcmanus pr tourism communications auckland new zealand - web design / graphic design

Web Design

Case Study / april 2008
Mc Manus PR Auckland New Zealand

McManus Tourism Communications commissioned AMG WEB DESIGN to design a simple, affordable, yet eye catching website for their tourism public relations company that they could update and manage themselves.

AMG worked closely with Geraldine and Simon McManus to come up with a concept for the web design using Allan's photographic eye and Pen's graphic skills. Striking images and punchy headlines were used in a minimal layout design for web design and graphic design advertising.

Pen created a logo using a mortar and pestle image to tie in with their slogan - "the marketing mix - vital ingredients". And used their corporate colours of grey and lime green for the website design and print media.
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Affordable Web Hosting

AMG hosted the new website on a reliable, yet very affordable state of the art server in Auckland and optimized the website after keyword research and analysis.

Tasty Media Advertising

AMG designed banner advertising for the tourism print media for McManus using the same eye catching device of simple, colourful graphic images and catchy slogans.
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