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AMG Auckland professional photographer Allan MacGillivray has a unique vision that transforms the ordinary into extraordinary. His diverse photography adorns most of our websites.

Website Digital Photography

AMG website photography includes: food photography, portrait photography, tourism photography, hospitality photography, landscape photography, industrial photography, sports photography, event photography, fashion photography and product photography.
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AMG Web + Print Photography

AMG digital photography is suitable for both web & print media. Allan's talent for making his subjects feel really relaxed is sure to disarm even the most nervous of subjects or inexperienced models - e.g. see DaVinci Jewellery, & Mollies websites for photography examples.

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Photography for websites is no different from any other media. Digital photography allows greater flexibility -- Photographic treatments are far easier than ten years ago and afford real cost benefits to clients. A website needs great photography - clean, evocative images are as important as the web design itself." - Allan MacGillivray