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Graphic Design case study 11.

gfg group - web and print product brochure design

Graphic Design

Case Study / March 2010
GFG Group - graphic design case study

GFG Group were so happy with our new web design for their electronic payment solutions company that they commissioned us to re-design their product and case study brochures for both web and print use. They were designed to be in synergy with the web design. This meant that web layouts had to be adapted for hi-res print material and re-designed to fit the A4 single-fold brochures.

We used stock photography supplemented with our original photography to tie in with the website pages. We remained faithful to the GFG Group corporate ID but introduced a more personalised friendly approach using happy end-user customers from different ethnic groups to reflect the wide-spread global nature of GFG Group.
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GFG Group Melbourne based contact

As the GFG Group CEO and marketing consultant were based in Melbourne, most of the contact with AMG was conducted via email and conference telephone calls. We had to time our photography to coincide with board meetings, as the board members, executive team and sales members came from all parts of the globe.

"The new website designed by AMG Web Design based in Auckland, along with an expanded presence in Asia and the UAE, are all evidence of GFG’s commitment of resources in order to support and ensure its rapid growth in 2010.

“As a global company operating in 19 countries, we are acutely aware of the important role our web site has in the selling and servicing of the payment solutions we provide. Given the geographic spread of our Clients the website delivers a cost effective way for both marketing and selling. Hence the need to update our old site, and to have a contemporary fully functional site, was critical.

"The decision to hire AMG was based on their ability to translate our IT solutions into an International market place reflecting different cultures and attitudes. I think AMG have done an outstanding job for GFG" - Grant Halverson, GFG Group Limited CEO. Visit the GFG Group website: www.gfg-group.com

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