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Ecommerce web design

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Ecommerce web design developers

AMG custom designed eCommerce websites are designed to not only look great, but ensure easy, secure credit card shopping for your customers with an easy admin panel for you. We offer ecommerce credit card shops powered by Pay Pal, Paystation, your own bank or a Payment Gateway of your choice. AMG also offer availability booking systems.

Why choose AMG eCommerce websites?

We offer very reliable and secure SSL shopping cart hosting. We create ecommerce solutions tailored to your budget with a design that's both functional and appealing. We create systems that work and are easy to manage. All our ecommerce websites are top ranking in Google.

We offer interactive product zoom options, so you don't leave the page you are on for a close-up view. We use mouse-over image descriptions (title tags) for clarification and better ranking (see examples opposite).
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More reasons to choose AMG Web

We remain flexible at all times - if you have your own ideas, we welcome them and
will work with you to develop an ecommerce website that we'll both be proud of.

Our ecommerce website development and website promotion, plus organic SEO [search engine optimization] guarantees exposure and top ranking on Google and other leading Search Engines. Every e-commerce website has different requirements and specific target markets. That is why we use web site promotion to suit your individual needs and cater to your unique budget requirements. We offer affordable web hosting and domain names chosen for their search engine friendliness for top ranking in the search engines.

To give you a head start we can create a Google Adwords campaign to make sure your website is seen at the top of Google from day one.

We also offer very affordable professional photography, (see images on this page and throughout our website), to guarantee your product or accommodation will shine!

"Wonderful feedback from people viewing the website, Thanks very much!" -
Jacqui, DaVinci Designer Jewellery, New Zealand / Australia - December 2008


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