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AMG Web Design Auckland New Zealandamg web design team

AMG Web Design is a small team of experienced and talented graphic designers, web designers, photographers, website coders, search engine optimisers and web marketing experts. Based in Auckland, Sydney and London we service New Zealand and international web design clients. Contact AMG Web Design

Penelope (Pen) Hunt web designer Auckland NZ
Penelope Hunt (Auckland New Zealand)
AMG director / web design and development / SEO / web marketing / graphic design

Pen studied Graphic Design at the University of Cape Town and has worked in South Africa, London and Auckland. She has had years of advertising agency and design experience as an art director / creative director. After completing her web design studies in Auckland, she joined Allan to form AMG Web Design - a unique combination of design, photography and marketing.

Photographer Auckland, Allan MacGillivray
Allan MacGillivray (Auckland New Zealand)
AMG manager / photographer

Allan MacGillivray is a professional photographer for print and web, and co-founder of AMG Web Design. His experience in the film industry has taken him to all parts of the Pacific, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. His unique vision and dedication has produced outstanding photography for our clients. Read more about our Auckland photographer »

Auckland graphic designer Lisa Ellin
Lisa Ellin (Auckland New Zealand)
graphic designer / print media

Lisa is a talented Auckland graphic designer who always delivers on time and to brief. Her sunny disposition and dedication is a real asset to the AMG Web Design team. She happily works overtime to meet critical deadlines and takes care of print management with expertise.

IT Systems Manger Mike Hutchinson
Mike Hutchinson (Auckland New Zealand)
IT Systems & Security

Michael Hutchinson was an IT lecturer at Auckland University of Technology for many years. His expertise in PHP and Database functionality has been a real asset to AMG Web Design in website booking systems. Michael is currently completing a Masters Degree in Internet Systems and Security in Auckland.

online marketing director Allanah Hunt
Allanah Hunt (Sydney Australia)
consultant / digital marketing strategist

Multi skilled, Allanah Hunt completed her BA (Hons) degree in Media Practise at Bristol University. Talented in all aspects of digital media, Allanah has worked as a Marketing Executive in advertising in Auckland NZ and Bristol UK. Allanah is now based in Sydney Australia as a digital marketing strategist and is a valuable asset to AMG. Read more »
Allanah Hunt marketingAmber Hunt photography

Amber Hunt AMG London UK photographer
Amber Hunt (London UK)
photographer / digital design / print media

Amber Hunt is multi talented. Currently dancing with the English National Ballet in London, she spends every spare moment behind the lens of her Nikon. Her photography appears in all media - prestigious magazines as well as our websites. Her Photoshop and photography skills are a real asset to AMG's UK clients. Read more about photographer Amber Hunt »
Amber Hunt photographyAmber Hunt photography